I would highly recommend him to someone suffering with chronic pain!
— Raymond Ledger. Columbia, Maryland

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care is a completely natural form of health care. Every part of your body is connected to your spine in some way, mainly by nerves. Likewise, if your spinal health is less than optimal, you may have symptoms in many areas. You may have misalignments in your spine, even slight ones, that can have an effect on your health in many ways. These are called subluxations.

A chiropractor will evaluate the needs of your body and health. During a Chiropractic Adjustment, the doctor uses a precise, specific force to realign the spine. The goal is to produce proper nerve function in the spine. Such a feat can have a dramatic, positive effect on your health and wellness as a whole. 

At Sang's Wellness, the doctors may use several techniques to promote a healthy spine. The goal is for patients to be pain free and healthy.

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