At Sang's, we believe in total wellness. We are dedicated to help our patients thrive in life.  We have found that improving physical wellness can help in many other areas of life.

The following are kinds of wellness:

  • Physical Wellness

    • Spinal Health/Nervous System

    • Balance

    • Exercise / Fitness

    • Flexibility

    • Medical

    • Sleeping

    • Relaxation (Stress Control)

    • Nutrition

    • Vitamins

  • Intellectual Wellness

    • Challenging yourself mentally

    • Using creativity

    • Learning

    • Awareness

  • Emotional Wellness

    • Healthy Feeling

    • Dependent upon:

      • Physical Wellness

      • Relaxation (Stress Control)

      • Sleeping

      • Nutrition

  • Spiritual Wellness

    • Beliefs That Guide Your Life

    • Values

    • Ethics

    • Perception

  • Social Wellness

    • Human Connection

    • Support

  • Environmental Wellness

    • Positive Surroundings

    • Mindfulness of Environment

    • Nature

  • Financial Wellness

    • Living Within Means

    • Budgeting

    • Planning

All of these areas are important to total wellness. Their individual importance varies. Without physical wellness, however, you can be sure that your overall wellness will suffer considerably.

A combination of Eastern and Western medicine techniques help us stand out from other providers. We want to create happy families, happy athletes, happy employees, happy moms, happy children, happy people...

Let Sang's help you focus on your wellness today.