Why come to Sang's Wellness after an accident?

Sang's Wellness has many years of experience helping patients injured in a vehicle accident. We use a combination of Eastern and Western medical techniques to manage your pain and correct your injuries. We have licensed massage therapists on our team to help your pain today. Whether your injury is severe or mild, Sang's can help today. Moreover, Sang's can provide detailed documentation of your injury and provide the same directly to any insurance coverage available. If you are interested in contacting an attorney to help, we can provide the phone numbers of successful and aggressive attorneys in your area.

Do I need an attorney?

The short answer is "no." You do not necessarily need an attorney. The decision of whether or not to hire an attorney is entirely yours.

However, we have seen many of our patients fall victim to aggressively defensive insurance companies. If our staff is in an accident, we hire an attorney right away, even though we have years of experience in automobile accidents. Each accident we have seen has been different in some way. We find it best for someone who knows insurance to conduct an independent investigation of fault and which insurance coverage is available. Pain and suffering are abstract terms. It is up to the plaintiff to negotiate the amount of pain and suffering they deserve. Without the threat of a lawsuit, insurance companies often differ in our idea of the compensation you deserve. An experienced and aggressive attorney may be able to increase your recovery and get you the compensation you deserve. In addition, some attorneys will help you with the property damage of your vehicle as a courtesy.

What if I do not feel pain immediately after the accident?

Do not make this mistake: "I will get medical treatment later."

Being in an accident can be a tricky situation. Whiplash and other common car accident injuries often have delayed onset. Symptoms of injury may take 24-72 hours to present, due to the rush of adrenaline released after the accident. Our patient's lives are busy. It is easy to be conservative in nature and think that your stiff neck will disappear. No one wants to be bothered by needing medical treatment, especially while dealing with other outfall of an accident. The insurance company can take advantage of your conservative nature.

While you are trying to do the right thing by convincing yourself that your symptoms will go away on their own, your insurance company is building their defense against you. Moreover, you do not need the insurance company's permission to receive medical treatment, contrary to what they may lead you to believe. After as little as a week, we have seen insurance companies try to argue that if you were really injured you would have seen a doctor sooner. If they offer a settlement after that, the insurance companies use that as an argument to decrease the amount they will offer for pain and suffering. If you wait and your symptoms worsen instead of improve (as they often do), you may have already given an aggressive insurance company the ammunition they need to cheat you out of the compensation you deserve.

We have experience in treating many different injuries, severe and mild. We will give you an initial evaluation of your injuries. It cannot hurt to be evaluated. If we think your injuries are severe enough that you need to see a specialist or a surgeon, we will give you a referral to see one.

What if I am unsure of the severity of my injuries?

Pain medication may help manage your pain, but it will not help your underlying condition.

You need to heal in order to move forward with your life. If you are experiencing pain, the insurance company does not take your word for it. The severity of your injuries and your pain and suffering will be partially evaluated by the documentation of your pain throughout your recovery and the treatment you receive for those injuries.

My doctor gave me pain medication and told me to come back in a few weeks. Is that not enough?

If you have an attorney, we can work with them to help you receive the compensation you deserve. An attorney lien means we will wait for the settlement to send you a bill. That means you will not be responsible for any cash or co pays on each of your visits.

What is an attorney lien?

You do not need to wait for fault to be determined to receive an evaluation of you injuries. Even if you are at-fault or found to be contributorily negligent, you may have insurance benefits available for your injuries. If you have personal injury protection coverage, it is available to you no matter whose fault the accident was. Using your Personal Injury Protection coverage will not raise your insurance rates. We recommend that you speak with an attorney to advocate on your behalf.

What if I am not sure who was at-fault for the accident?

What if I am at-fault for the accident?


If you are at-fault for the accident and you have Personal Injury Protection coverage, you are able to use that coverage for medical treatment. They will not raise your rates for using this coverage, so there is no price for using it. The law in Maryland provides protection for consumers to ensure that you are able to use Personal Injury Protection coverage ("PIP") without penalty. Come in and see us today.

Every accident and patient are different. There is no template for treatment because every treatment plan is as different as the patients who need treatment. Your treatment is completely customized for your injuries and your body. The goal is to make sure you are feeling better and recovered from your injuries. If you are feeling better, you can quit treating at any time.

How long will I need to treat for my accident injuries?

If you are unable to work due to your accident injuries, our doctors can write you a disability slip to provide to your employer. We can also recommend light duty if you are unable to perform certain physical tasks that your employment requires. You can make a claim for lost income to the automobile insurance.

What if I am unable to go to work due to the pain from my injuries?

Sometimes if an insurance company knows your hurt, they will make you an initial offer shortly after the accident. Most times, the insurance company does what is in their best interests. You are able to accept that offer, but you cannot make a claim after that. Your medical treatment will not be paid for after that. If you accept the offer, you run the risk of having real injuries that present themselves afterwards. If your injuries get worse, but you have already settled your claim, you will not be able to seek compensation.

Should I take the immediate settlement offer from the insurance company?

Whiplash has been proven in accidents with very little damage to the vehicles. Vehicles are made increasingly resistant to accidents. Their bumpers are made to absorb shock. The damage to the vehicle is not always directly commensurate to the impact you felt or the injuries you receive. The insurance company may make arguments that it is, however. An experienced attorney can advocate on your behalf in those instances. Even if the damage is minimal, come in today to get your injuries evaluated at Sang's Wellness Center.

What if there is minimal damage to my vehicle?