About Disc Herniations / Disc Bulges


Disc Herniations and Disc Bulges are one of the most painful spinal conditions. Your nerves are so greatly affected that many people feel shooting or "radiating" pain through their arms or legs, depending on where the herniation is.

In layman's terms, there is a "disc" between each of your vertebrae. Think of them like jelly doughnuts. The spine and "jelly doughnuts" are surrounded my nerves that control the feelings in your arms and legs. The nerves for your arms are found in the cervical spine. Leg feeling is connected to your lumbar spine. When there is trauma to the spine, the discs (or "jelly doughnuts") sometimes receive pressure. Think about squeezing the jelly doughnut gently on the top and bottom. At first, the jelly would push the sides of the doughnut outward. That would be considered a disc protrusion or a disc bulge. They are painful because when the sides are pushed outward, they touch the nerves surrounding the spine. Those nerves cause pain, and that pain can be felt in your arms, legs, hands or feet as well, at times. Now, imagine squeezing the doughnut so hard that the jelly comes out of the side of the doughnut. That is a disc herniation. The "jelly" can touch the nerves surrounding the spine, and the whole ordeal can be extremely painful. Keep in mind that sometimes the term disc herniation and disc bulge are used interchangeably.

Disc bulges and herniations are confirmed by an MRI of your spine. If you are determined to suffer from a disc bulge or herniation, there are several treatment options. You may need to speak with a surgeon about the risks and benefits of spinal surgery. If therapy is unsuccessful, there are other options, including injections for the pain.

Some people prefer to stay natural in treatment. If you want to see if the pain can be managed by Chiropractic Care or Physical Therapy, please call us to find out. Likewise, Massage Therapy may help you find relief from your pain.