1. At-Fault (Liability) Insurance

When you are involved in a car accident, the at-fault insurance company is responsible to compensate you for your injuries. You make this claim after your medical treatment. If you receive a settlement for your injuries right after the accident, you are not entitled to another one. In order to be properly compensated for your case, you must wait until you have proper documentation of your injuries.

At Sang's we take pride in our experience with accident patients, and we know the type of documentation needed to present your injuries to the insurance company for a fair settlement.

There is no template or easy equation for the settlement you are entitled to from the accident. Each settlement is different and based off many variables, including your injuries and the medical treatment you received.

We recommend speaking with an attorney to advocate on your behalf. We can give you names of attorneys in the area that have received large settlements for their clients.

2. Personal Injury Protection Coverage

Personal Injury Protection coverage, or "PIP," is a no-fault coverage that you elect to carry on your own insurance policy, or the insurance policy of the vehicle in which you were an occupant. If this coverage is available, you may use it no matter which party was found to be at fault. That is right. You are able to use this policy even if you were at-fault for the accident.

Most importantly, your insurance premiums cannot be increased for using your personal injury protection coverage.

This means that you may be able to receive paid medical care for your injuries even if you were at-fault for the accident.

If you have an attorney, they will likely process the personal injury protection coverage for you. There are deadlines for paperwork, so we recommend contacting an attorney. We can provide phone numbers for attorneys whom have proven to be successful for their clients.

For more information, or to have us check on your personal injury protection coverage, call us today.

3. Attorney Lien

At Sang's Wellness, we are happy to work with your attorney to ensure you are able to receive fair compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering. We accept attorney's liens and/or assignment and authorizations.

4. MedPay Insurance

Personal Injury Protection coverage is the primary no-fault coverage in Maryland. However, on certain policies, you may have purchased excess MedPay coverage, which works similarly to the benefits of PIP. Let us check on any coverage that may be available to you for your injuries.